Hurts’ Theo shares body-positive message after their track features in lingerie show

The duo's track 'Beautiful Ones' was played during the annual fashion extravaganza.

Hurts frontman Theo Hutchcraft has shared a body-positive message on his social media accounts after the band’s track ‘Beautiful Ones’ was played at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The annual fashion show sponsored by lingerie and sleepwear brand Victoria’s Secret is known for featuring some of the world’s leading models. This year’s event, which took place in Shanghai on November 20 and aired in the US this Tuesday (November 28), saw the likes of Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid walk the runway in the brand’s lingerie and signature “angel wings”. Harry Styles and Miguel performed on the night, too.

“Lingerie is lovely and fun, but remember you don’t need to buy lingerie to make yourself ‘sexy’,” Hutchcraft wrote.


“The female body image you see on billboards and television is the product of a consumerist society that cares about your money, not your happiness,” he added. “It is not real… if you’re unhappy with the way you look or feel pressure from friends or men to be a certain way, it can be difficult and confusing. Finding body confidence isn’t always easy (when you’re young these things can be particularly tough), but if you spend some time working on your inner-self and your own confidence, all of that pressure will eventually become insignificant.”

Hutchcraft also urged men to play their part in improving women’s body confidence, adding: “As the more privileged sex, it is your responsibility to facilitate change. Respect women. Love women. Learn from women. Your life will not be worse in a more equal society. It will be better. You will be surrounded by happy, confident and inspiring women, and together we can all focus on making the world a better place for everyone.”

This isn’t the first time Hurts have used their platform to promote a healthier and more positive way of thinking. Last month they discussed how archaic notions and perceptions of masculinity can be ‘harmful’ when it comes to discussing depression and mental health.

Their most recent album ‘Desire’, home to ‘Beautiful Ones’, came out in September.