Hurts celebrate gender fluidity in dramatic new single and video ‘Beautiful Ones’

'A celebration of individuality'

Hurts have unveiled their dramatic new single and video for ‘Beautiful Ones’.

The new track is the first new material from the Manchester duo following their acclaimed third album ‘Surrender’ in 2015. Described by the band as a “celebration of individuality”, the track takes the full-blown pomp of their trademark Euro-synth-pop sound and gives it more of a shameless and infectious dancefloor sheen, loaded with classic rock, guitar solo crescendos.

Written by and starring starts with a bloodied Hutchcraft running someone down in an alleyway, before the timeline reverses to tell the tale of how he came to be chased and assaulted for being dressed as a woman in a nightclub – a colourful celebration of gender fluidity dealing with “themes of hate, love, brutality and beauty are explored throughout the piece which is rooted in both intrigue and empathy.”


Described as an “unmistakable stand-alone feature” in Hurts’ catalogue, the band are also believed to be working on their fourth album. They did however however, recently co-write The Courteeners’ latest single ‘Modern Love‘ – with Hutchcraft lending backing vocals.

“‘Modern Love’ is the first time we’ve written a song with other people,” Courteeners’ frontman Liam Fray told NME. “It was a co-write with the guys from Hurts, Theo and Adam. We’ve know them for over 10 years and have a pretty good friendship. They sent our producer a song, and they didn’t like it. It was very ‘them’ – a bit ’80s but full on. But I was like ‘fuckin’ hell, I love this track’.

“I spoke to them about it and they were like ‘do you what you want with it, really’. So I got my grubby mits on it, changed the lyrics, we put some lead guitar lines in there and luckily they loved it and said ‘let’s go’. I’d love to work with them again. We’re always talking so who knows?”