Hwang Min-hyun makes solo debut with sultry ‘Hidden Side’ music video

His debut mini-album 'Truth or Lie' is out now

Ex-NU’EST member Hwang Min-hyun has made his solo debut with his new mini-album ‘Truth or Lie’, led by the title track ‘Hidden Side’.

On February 27 at 6PM KST, the 27-year-old singer released his debut mini-album ‘Truth or Lie’ and its lead single ‘Hidden Side’. In the sleek new visual, Hwang teleports between a drab office and a crowded club where approaching a woman, who becomes intrigued after he seems to disappear into thin air.

Can you see? Timing that will captivate you with no warning / Privacy reflected in your eyes / Fill the scene in your heart with me,” he sings in the groovy chorus.


In addition to ‘Hidden Side’, Hwang’s new mini-album includes five B-sides, ‘Honest’, ‘Crossword’, ‘Perfect Type’, ‘Smile’ and ‘CUBE’.

Hwang is the third NU’EST member to go solo, following Baekho with ‘Absolute Zero’ in October 2022 and Kim Jong-hyun (formerly JR) with ‘MERIDIEM’ in November 2022. While he had previously released solo songs as part of projects and K-drama soundtracks, ‘Truth or Lie’ marks Hwang’s official solo debut. In recent years, he’s taken on acting roles that include Live On, in which he played the lead, and the hit fantasy series Alchemy of Souls.

Hwang was one of the five members of NU’EST, which disbanded in March 2022 following the release of their final album ‘Needle and Bubble’. That record, led by title track ‘Spring, Again’, commemorated their 10th and final year together.

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