HyunA reveals she was “surprised” by her chemistry with DAWN on ‘[1+1=1]’

“When we first moved to P Nation, I told myself I'll never release an album together with DAWN,” said HyunA

K-pop idols HyunA and DAWN have opened up about the creative process behind their new mini-album ‘[1+1=1]’ and its title track ‘Ping Pong’.

During a September 9 online press conference, HyunA and DAWN, who are also a couple, discussed some of the surprises that came with working together on ‘[1+1=1]’. The duo had released their first mini-album together on the same day, alongside an eccentric music video for lead single ‘Ping Pong’.

“When we first moved to P Nation, I told myself I’ll never release an album together with Dawn,” HyunA said, per KoreaJoongAngDaily. “But I guess you should never say never.”


Both HyunA and DAWN left former agency CUBE Entertainment in September 2018, one month after they went public with their relationship. In January of 2019, both the pair signed with P Nation, the agency and label founded by ‘Gangnam Style’ singer PSY.

“I was actually surprised how DAWN and I’s chemistry was spot-on while we were working on ‘[1+1=1]’,” added the ‘I’m Not Cool’ singer. “The chemistry between us combined together is just like the title of the EP; we show ourselves as it is and that blends into one good fit.”

The pair also talked about their record’s title track, ‘Ping Pong’. “I wanted to compare how lovers have moments of giving and taking to a game of ping pong,” shared DAWN, who co-wrote the song. “I think it’s a cute metaphor. In the musical aspect, I wanted to make a track that you can’t help but start dancing to, and we ended up with a fun song.”

Elsewhere, the couple revealed that HyunA had taken the lead in the visual production of their music video. “I put in everything I imagined and wanted to do in the music video,” she said. “The music video is mostly set on a glittering hill, and every time you blink your eyes, DAWN and I will appear in different outfits and looks.”

Prior to signing with P Nation, the pair worked together as part of Triple H, a sub-unit composed of the two singers alongside PENTAGON‘s Hui. The trio debuted in 2017 with the ‘199X’ mini-album and made a comeback in 2018 with ‘Retro Futurism’.

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