‘I got Bruce Lee’d’: Gaz Coombes cancels tour dates after breaking his leg

'World's Strongest Man' singer was taken down by his 15-year-old daughter

Gaz Coombes has been forced to cancel tour dates after breaking his leg playing with his children.

The former Supergrass frontman announced the news on Twitter, confirming that dates in Utrecht, Lille, Spain and Italy have been cancelled. Coombes’s UK tour dates have been rescheduled to May. Details are on his website.

Coombes also revealed just how his leg was broken, writing: “I’ve only gone & broken my leg! Larking around with the kids I got ‘Bruce Lee’d’ by my 15 year old: let’s just say she connected too well. Had surgery today @OUHospitals the staff have been completely amazing. Massive thank you to all @ the JR & to our wonderful #NHS. Back soon x”


The social media post showed two x-ray images, one shows the extent of the fracture and the other appears to be post-surgery with metal pins in place.

Coombes released his third solo album ‘World’s Strongest Man’ in May. It was the follow up to 2015’s Mercury Prize-nominated ‘Matador’.

Speaking to NME on masculinity and mental health, he explained the album title: “With the album title there’s the element of the alpha male ruining it for everyone else, whether its world leaders or high profile celebrities, you know I just think everyone’s tired of it.

“We’re tired of that alpha male thing. I think we can all be strong, you can be a strong man but consider yourself a strong human being. It doesn’t always have to be separated into an ‘I’m the guy with the muscles and I run the show’ kind of thing.”


In a four-star review of ‘World’s Strongest Man’, NME wrote: “So here’s an album by a male songwriter who feels deeply affected by the conversations happening around men and masculinity right now in light of #MeToo, Time’s Up and gender inequality in all its forms.

“Gaz Coombes isn’t congratulating himself on having these thoughts, he’s just trying to be more like the man he wants himself and other men to be. There’s room for a lot more of those.”