“I just wanna have a baby now”: The 1975’s Matty Healy speaks in a revealing new interview

Though he wouldn't have one for the sake of "salvation"...

Matty Healy has spoken about what could come next in his personal life in a new interview.

Speaking to Vulture, The 1975 frontman suggested that becoming a parent could help turn his focus away from existential angst and nihilism.

When asked about whether ‘Love It If We Made It’ – the second single from the band’s new record, ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ – was written from the perspective of “staring death in the face”, Healy responded, “I mean, yeah. It’s not opinionated. It’s stuff that’s happened. It’s what I was worried about.


He continued: “A combination of not being able to focus on one thing, and talking about my drug addiction, interspersed with the world, then me, then the world. I’ve always been staring death in the face. Always an existentialist, a nihilist. I just wanna have a baby now. Then I’ll stop doing that.”

The 1975’s Matty Healy

After being pressed about the weight of his statement, he said: “I’m too busy, but do you ever think that sometimes? God! Well, at least then me will go away! I’d like to become a vessel for somebody else’s happiness. That’s where I get meaning in life. I make music; it makes people happy. I find everything else a bit hard. I love my girlfriend.”

Later in the interview Healy posed the idea that having children might be a selfish move for the sake of personal “salvation”. He said, “There’s not much out there for [kids]. I worry if there’s really any point. Is there?” but later asked for the subject to be dropped. “I don’t wanna go down this road,” he said. “Some stuff me and my missus have to iron out.”

Elsewhere in the article Healy addresses the conversation around mental health, which interviewer Eve Barlow suggests has become more of a trend than a necessary tool for help.


“It pisses me off. It’s trendy to be woke,” he says, before adding, “All these debates we see about gender, trans people, racism … nobody ever mentions that they’re enjoying it.

“Nobody ever references how fun it is to be right. If you’re right, you get 400,000 lovely hearts. Could they be doing it for that? Possibly. A little bit.”

Healy also discussed how The 1975’s ‘Music For Cars’ era is the band’s ‘Gorillaz moment’ and dissected the story behind ‘It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)’.

The 1975’s new album is released this Friday, November 30, via Dirty Hit.