I Was A Cub Scout announce debut album plans

'We've matured but not gone all boring' declare band

I Was A Cub Scout have announced details of their debut album.

The record, called ’I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope’, will be released early next year.

With sessions currently being completed the full tracklisting is not confirmed, but the album will definitely include ’Our Smallest Adventures’, ’Pink Squares’ and ’Part 2’[b/].


The record has been produced by Hugh Padgham, who has previously worked with The Police, Paul McCartney and David Bowie.

“We’re really excited to work with such a good producer and we’re extremely chuffed with the final outcome,” drummer William Bowerman told NME.COM. “I think people may be surprised with parts of the record – it’s more mature sounding than people may expect – but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone all boring. We’ve added some trumpets and there’s some great guest vocals from friends of ours in other bands.”

He added: “We’re really excited to see what people think of the new songs – most of the tracks on the album we haven’t played live and nobody has heard yet.”