The star also admits he considered selling bootlegs of the Stone Roses when the band split in 1996 - because he didn't think he was trong enough to have a solo career...


BROWN spoke about the tail end of the STONE

ROSES career and responded to accusations about his alleged flat singing


voice during a documentary about the singer presented by music impresario

ANTHONY WILSON last night (September 13).

The star spoke frankly about the disintegration of the

Roses, which culminated in the band’s – then containing only two original

members in Brown and bass player Gary ‘Mani’

Mounfield – disastrous Reading Festival appearance in


1996, when Brown’s vocal performance was the subject of much


“I’ve done a few bad shows,” Brown admitted, “but I used to play the guitar with four

Marshall amps so sometimes I couldn’t hear myself singing, so

maybe I’d shout and that was shit. When I first came out they (the press) said I

sounded like an angel, a eunuch!”

Remembering the disastrous final chapter in


Stone Roses’, Brown said: “We met [US label boss] David

Geffen and he said ‘Your music, I don’t care, do what you want. Just give

me three great videos and you’ll be a star’. Did we ever give him three videos?

Yes, but they weren’t great. We needed someone at that time to give us a kick up

the arse.”

Following the Stone

Roses split, Brown said: “I thought I’d start collecting Stone

Roses bootlegs and sell them. I thought ‘I don’t wanna start another band cos

I’ll never get another band as good. I’m not strong enough to be solo, I don’t

wanna be a pop star’. My first LP was 12 years ago. I’m not one of those big

artists like Bowie.

I shouldn’t be here. But I am.”

Finally, recognising that his first two solo

albums may lack a certain strength, Brown conceded that he “took too much on”. Speaking of his new album,

‘Music Of The Spheres’, Brown said: “I needed to concentrate on my lyrics and melodies, especially

my lyrics must be much, much stronger. I needed someone to come in and take the

weight off the music. Dave [McCracken], the producer and

co-writer did that.”

‘Music Of The Spheres’ is released on

October 1.