Ian Brown to release career-spanning boxset

The Stone Roses frontman will release 'Collected' on December 3

The latest addition to this Christmas’ boxset extravaganza is Ian Brown, who will release his career-spanning set ‘Collected’ on December 3.

Limited to 1,000 copies, ‘Collected’ spans The Stone Roses singer’s six-album solo career and will feature 10 CDs, one 12″ vinyl, a DVD, hardback book, and print. All of Brown’s solo albums will feature in the set, as well as a 12″ featuring previously unreleased tracks including remixes by Arthur Baker, Scratch Perverts and Evil Nine.

It will also include a disc of B-sides disc featuring Brown’s rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and ‘Billie Jean’ and his collaboration with the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones.


Brown released his first solo album, ‘Unfinished Monkey Business’ in 1998. His last solo LP, ‘My Way’ came out in 2009.

The tracklisting for ‘Collected’ is as follows:

Disc 1: ‘Unfinished Monkey Business’
Disc 2: ‘Golden Greats’
Disc 3: ‘Music Of The Spheres’
Disc 4: ‘Solarized’
Disc 5: ‘The World Is Yours’
Disc 6: ‘My Way’
Disc 7: ‘The Greatest’
Disc 8: ‘Remixes Of The Spheres’

Disc 9: B-sides:
1. ‘See The Dawn’
2. ‘Fourteen’
3. ‘Jesus On The Move’
4. ‘Come Again’
5. ‘Lions (with Denise)’
6. ‘The Fisherman’
7. ‘Billie Jean’
8. ‘Corpses (XFM session)’
9. ‘Thriller’
10. ‘Submission (w/ Steve Jones)’
11. ‘FEAR (with Dann)’
12. ‘Where Angels Play’
13. ‘The Sweet Fantastic (live)’
14. ‘Destiny Or Circumstance (live)’
15. ‘Sister Rose (feat. Pharoahe Monch)’
16. ‘Sister Rose (Japanese version)”

Disc 10: Remixes:
1. ‘Can’t See Me (Harvey’s Invisible mix)’
2. ‘Under The Paving Stones (Gabriel’s 13th Dream remix)’
3. ‘Sister Rose (Steve Fitzmaurice mix)’
4. ‘Dolphins Were Monkeys (UNKLE remix)’
5. ‘Love Like A Fountain (Andy Votel remix)’
6. ‘Golden Gaze (Sharktank’s Dirt It Up mix)’
7. ‘Time Is My Everything (UNKLE Reconstruction)’
8. ‘Just Like You (Prodigy remix)’
9. ‘Sister Rose (DJ Mek remix)’
10. ‘Illegal Attacks (Goldie Propaganda remix)’

Side A
1. ‘Time Is My Everything (Scratch Perverts remix)’
2. ‘Stellify (Filthy Dukes remix)’
3. ‘Always Remember Me (Evil Nine remix)’
4. ‘Sister Rose (Ryukyudisko remix)’


Side B
1. ‘In The Year 2525 (Ian Brown & Dave McCracken remix)’
2. ‘Longsight M13 (Arthur Baker remix)’
3. ‘Love Like A Fountain (Infected By The Scourge Of The Earth remix)’
4. ‘Time Is My Everything (Tim Hutton & Darren Moss remix)’