The singer releases a remix album on the same day as the definitive Roses Best Of comes out...

A bizarre set of “coincidences” means Ian Brown will do battle with his old band THE STONE ROSES next month, as they both release albums on the same day.

Manic Street Preachers originally intended to release an EP, ‘Remixes Of The Spheres’ to precede his UK dates supporting the Ian Brown. However, that idea has been expanded into a full album, which pushed the release back.

Now, the album of the same name is released on November 4, the same day as ‘The Very Best Of The Stone Roses’, which has been billed as the “ultimate collection” of songs from the Manchester quartet. The record unites the songs from their classic, eponymous debut, and the follow-up ‘The Second Coming’ for the first time.

A spokesperson for UNKLE explained: “It’s coincidence I think. Ian’s album was going to be released earlier, but more mixes came through which he liked. The original idea was to just do an EP, but Ian warmed to the idea of a full album.”

The record features remixes of songs from ‘Music Of The Spheres’ from [a][/a], Nightmares On Wax and Freelance Hellraiser, as well as instrumental tracks and B-sides.

The tracklisting runs: ‘FEAR’ (UNKLE remix)

‘Northern Lights (Freelance Hellraiser Mix)’

‘Gravy Train (Nightmares On Wax Mix)’

‘Forever & A Day (Cedarblue Mix)’

‘Shadow Of A Saint (The Boy Bierton Mix)’


‘My Star 2002’

‘Hear No See No Speak No’

‘Gravy Train (DJ Mek Nurenburg Skit)’

‘Gravy Train (NOW Instrumental)’

‘Stardust (Instrumental)’

‘El Mundo Pequento’

‘FEAR” (UNKLE Instrumental)