Well, men dressed as monkeys...

Ian Brown gatecrashed the ‘TOP OF THE POPS’ studio last night – with 20 men dressed up as monkeys!

Ian Brown was in the BBC studios in west London (June 13) to record an appearance for ‘Trigger Happy TV’ comedian Dom Joly’s new BBC chat show.

On the show, due to be aired in September, the singer, known to many as King Monkey performed two songs, ‘Gravy Train’ and ‘FEAR’. However, as a joke, Joly employed 20 men dressed as apes to dance behind him while he played.

Ian Brown saw the funny side of the prank, and proceeded to spend much of the evening with his new friends. A spokesperson for the star told NME.COM that their party reached its peak when Ian Brown and his doppelganger mates crashed the ‘Star Bar’ – the venue used to house VIP guests and presenters at their flagship music show ‘Top Of The Pops’.

One eyewitness told NME.COM: “We were all delighted, it was really funny. He came in, did a tour of the room, and then walked out. Quite surreal really!”

Ian Brown is to play Glastonbury later this month, and is likely to release an EP of remixes in the autumn.