The 'Wrong War' bash takes place in London next month...

Superstar DJ JAMES LAVELLE has spoken to NME.COM about his forthcoming anti-war club night in LONDON.

The event, named ‘Wrong War’ takes place at Fabric on March 20, and is the brainchild of CND, with Lavelle helping out with the line-up. During the Afghanistan conflict in 2001, he was involved in putting together a night at the club to raise funds for the Red Cross. This time CND will receive the exposure and proceeds, which could be in the region of £30,000.

“It’s going to be a similar event to what myself, 3-D and Damon Albarn did for Red Cross,” he said. “It’s pretty simple really, pulling together a load of people who believe what is going on is wrong, trying to keep the momentum of awareness going really.”

Although names are still to be confirmed, Lavelle did drop a few hints. He said: “We’ve emailed loads of people and we’re waiting to hear back. The idea is to make sure the night works as a good night out as well as something has a message to it…

“There’s going to be quite a range of different people involved, there’ll be anti-war statements in various different ways. I’m not sure who’s confirmed and who hasn’t but Bill Drummond wants to be involved, Warp Films have shown interest, Ian Brown’s going to get involved. It’s about who wants to support it really.”

Ticket details will be announced in the coming weeks.