King Monkey claims he set out to better the 1989 classic...

IAN BROWN has declared his forthcoming album ‘MUSIC OF THE SPHERES’ is “loosely based’ on the STONE ROSES classic debut.

Brown releases his third solo album in the UK on September 10.

Now, speaking in an interview in the current issue of Q magazine, the star claimed that he wanted the record to be a return to the “classic style” which characterised the first eponymous Stone Roses album, released in 1989.

He said: “I wanted to make this record in the classic style, if I could. The idea of having ten songs, proper songs, you know? Good lyrics, good melodies. (New single) ‘FEAR’ has a similar beat to ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ and (album track) ‘Shadow Of A Saint’ at the end is kind of like ‘I Am The Resurrection’, the big build up at the end. It’s loosely based on the first Stone Roses LP, but I set out to better it.”