"Ian Brown's desperate to get The Stone Roses back together, but Squire doesn't want anything to do with him," says Tim Burgess plus Summer Of Hate Vote...

THE CHARLATANSTim Burgess has re-ignited his feud with former Stone Rose Ian Brown by branding him “sad”, “pathetic” and “bitter” with a parting shot of “get a life”.

The row between the two began last year after Ian Brown, promoting his debut solo album ‘Unfinished Monkey Business’, accused Burgess of copying him. He added that his family laughed at Burgess when he appeared on television as it was so obvious that he was ‘aping’ his style.

Speaking exclusively to NME from The Charlatans‘ own studio in Cheshire where they have just finished their new album ‘Us & Us Only’, Burgess retaliated: “I did think it was a bit sad that he couldn’t slag me off himself, he had to pretend it was his family. That’s pretty pathetic. It was frustrating actually, because he said it when we didn’t have a record coming out for a while, so we couldn’t reply. I mean, as if every time I go onstage or make a record I’m thinking of old papa Brown – is that what he thinks? He’s got a problem if he’s getting paranoid about that sort of thing.


“But I don’t feel too bad about it ‘cos it just makes him look bitter about our success. I know for a fact that he’s desperate to get The Stone Roses back together, but Squire doesn’t want anything to do with him. So I think he should get a life.”

The Charlatans also joined the current trend of slagging off Nicky Wire and co, dubbing them the ‘Manic Street Plumbers‘.

Bassist Martin Blunt said: “They’ve become less adventurous musically and it’s a bit like the Manic Street Plumbers, the lyrics are great but underneath it’s Bryan Adams.”

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You can read The Charlatans interview in NME, on sale today across the UK.


‘Us & Us Only’ is released on October 18 through MCA preceded by a single, ‘Forever’, on October 4.

The band headline the Reading and Leeds festivals over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

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