There's going to be a chapter on the Stone Roses and he's going to re-record his songs in Spanish...

Ian Brown is writing a book about his prison experiences and plans to re-record his back catalogue in Spanish.

The book’s also set to feature a chapter on Ian’s days as the singer in the Stone Roses.

Speaking to the NME last week, the ex-Stone Roses frontman revealed: “I’ve started it, I’ve done about 100 pages. I want it to have literary merit. It’s about being in the jailhouse when you know… so that jailhouse becomes a zoo.


“So it’s the story of me going to jail so I can address the lies that have been written about me and I can write about all the funny things that happened to me. I can also do a chapter about The Stone Roses, I can do a chapter about the year after I was in jail.”

The book was started in jail where Brown said he made, “little notes in little spider writing of scenes that had happened, stories guys would tell me.”

He hopes to complete it by Easter and will begin looking for a publisher then.

Ian‘s plans to re-record old tracks in Spanish were inspired by his wife Fabiola‘s Spanish heritage and the impending birth of his third child. He said: “I want to be the first kid from the UK to sing in Spanish in Spanish speaking countries. I want to tour South America singing my set in Spanish, I want to go to Spain singing in Spanish and I want to re-release some of my tunes in Spanish.

“I want to work with this group Babasonicas from Argentina – they gave me the music for the last track on the new album. I’ve got to learn Spanish because my girl’s Spanish speaking and I don’t want me girl and me baby talking about me in a year’s time laughing at me and I don’t know what they’re saying.

“I want to do this set that I’ve got now round the world and then when I get to South America to do this set in Spanish and to write new songs in Spanish.”


In a further burst of creative energy, Brown has begun writing tracks for his third solo record and at present is looking towards a September/October release.

“I want it to sound triumphant, the next one,” he said, “I want to get in some strings. I want it to be great, like Curtis Mayfield.”

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