Ian Brown returns to jail as he loses appeal against conviction; tour cancelled...

Ian Brown was led back to prison today after the judge at Manchester Crown Court rejected the appeal against his conviction.

Judge Simon Fawcus heard that Brown was returning from an MTV show in Paris and was tired after a hectic day. He also heard that Brown, who was detained in a police cell after the incident as well as spending last weekend at Her Majesty’s Pleasure was immensely shocked and that he apologised unreservedly. His lawyer also pointed out that the cancellation of Brown’s forthcoming tour would affect almost 100 people, musicians, tecnicians and other support staff.

The judge said that if the incident had happened on the ground, it would not have resulted in a prison sentence. He told Brown: “The message to the public must be that anyone who behaves in this way will lose their liberty.”


Brown shouted out “I didn’t do it!” as he was taken away to complete his four month sentence.

The UK tour dates are, obviously, cancelled. Tickets are valid for rescheduled dates.

Updates will follow as we have them.

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