Ian Brown calls on schools to screen Eminem and 50 Cent biographies

Singer believes they could 'inspire' youngsters to do great things

Ian Brown is urging teachers in Britain’s inner cities to show their pupils biographical films by Eminem and 50 Cent.

The former Stone Roses frontman believes movies such as ‘8 Mile’ and ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ may inspire youngsters to do great things.

The singer said he took his son to see ‘Notorious’ earlier this year and it had an inspirational effect on him.


“There’s not enough about working class kids getting on in life, the working class got cut out of history, and we can’t let that happen,” Brown told MOJO Magazine

“I think all kids should be made to watch the Biggie Smalls film (‘Notorious’), the Eminem story (‘8 Mile’) and the 50 Cent film (‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’).

“I met Biggie Smalls in September 1995 and it was mega (amazing). He was like something out of the Bible, talking in parables, and he looked like an old ’20s jazz star. Some days I have to pinch myself that I met him.”