We've got it to give away to celebrate Ian Brown's first London gig and webcast this week...

Ian Brown‘s show this week at London’s Conway Hall is brought to you by NME Premier Shows and we thought, well, what the hell is the point of having a sponsor if you can’t get some beer out of them?

So we have five crates of Carling Premier to give away – we can’t drink it all ourselves – to the first person who can answer a pointlessly simple (though legally necessary) competition question.

Click here to enter the competition.

The NME Premier Show with Ian Brown is on Wednesday, November 10 at 8pm. You can see out live webcast – in association with VirtueTV – exclusively here on

20 lucky readers have already won free tickets. Others will be given away from today with the lucky purchasers of Ian‘s new album ‘Golden Greats’ from selected London record shops.

The webcast is in association with