Ian Brown new album teaser ‘revealed’ by magician Dynamo

Ex-Stone Roses singer gives away new lyric - by allowing Bradford trickster to read his mind

Ian Brown has inadvertently given a teaser to his next studio album – by allowing magician Dynamo to ‘read’ his mind.

The Bradford trickster – real name Steven Frayne – visited the former Stone Roses frontman in the studio as part of his new TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

After intensely staring into Brown‘s eyes, Frayne deduced that the album would contain the lyric “Just because I’m in love with the people don’t make me a fool”, something the singer confirmed.


Frayne later amazed Brown and his entourage by pulling off a seemingly impossible balancing trick with a chair, guitar, drumstick and plectrum.

Dynamo has previous shown off his levitation skills in the video for the singer’s 2009 single ‘Just Like You’, while Brown also wrote a song about the magician, titled ‘The Magic Man’, in 2007.

Dynamo: Magician Impossible was broadcast on satellite TV channel Watch on Thursday (July 7) and is due to be repeated tomorrow night (10) at 8pm (BST).

It sees Frayne perform a stunt where he appears to walk on water on the River Thames in London.


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