Ian Brown forced to abandon ‘Fools Gold’ after scuffle at Dubai gig – video

Fan says 'security got the wrong idea'

Ian Brown was forced to abandon a performance of The Stone Roses‘Fools Gold’ during his Dubai SoundCity gig on Thursday (October 1), after a scuffle apparently broke out between security and fans.

Fan recorded video footage of the incident has been uploaded to YouTube, and you can watch it by scrolling down now.

In the video, Brown is seen gesturing to the Madinat Arena crowd before appearing to motion to someone stood at the side of the stage to go to a specific audience member. Seconds later, a man is seen walking along the front row while Brown continues to point out the audience member in question.


Camera footage of what happens next isn’t clear, though after a short time Brown is seen telling his band to abandon the track before repeatedly saying “Leave him alone!” into his microphone and pointing to the audience. He is later heard saying “Sorry mate, they’re bullies mate.”

YouTube user dap750 posted the following comment about the incident:

“The guy had a tattoo or writing on his back that Ian really liked and was pointing and showing the band and mates. Security got the wrong idea and piled in. I saw Ian‘s management help the bloke and his girlfriend over to the backstage bit and it looked like they were going to hang around and meet them man himself. So looks like it all ended well.”

After the scuffle, Brown completed his 15-song set by playing a further two tracks, ‘F.E.A.R.’ and ‘Stellify’. He had already played the latter earlier in his set, which also saw him air Stone Roses classics ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ and ‘Waterfall’.

Ian Brown played:

‘I Wanna Be Adored’
‘Goodbye To The Broken’
‘Love Like A Fountain’
‘Sister Rose’
‘Time Is My Everything’
‘Save Us’
‘Golden Gaze’
‘Keep What Ya Got’
‘Longsight M13’
‘Crowning Of The Poor’
‘Fools Gold’
‘F.E.A.R. ‘

Watch video footage of the incident during ‘Fools Gold’ below: