Ian Brown claims morning drug taking was The Stone Roses’ lowest moment

Singer recalls his worst days with John Squire as the band disintegrated

The Stone Roses‘ former frontman Ian Brown has claimed that he once walked in on ex-bandmate John Squire taking cocaine at 11am – and called it his worst moment in the band.

The now-solo singer told The Guardian about his dismay at once walking in on Squire taking drugs in the morning, saying that it clashed with his original vision for the band, who split in 1996.

When asked what his worst moment in the band was, he said, “Walking into John‘s room and seeing him with another delivery of cocaine in a big pile on his table.


“It’s 11 in the morning and he’s snorting lines of cocaine and I’m thinking, ‘Shit, is that what we are now? Do you have to take coke at 11 in the morning just so that you can come up with a guitar line?’ I thought we were against all that. I thought we were the real article. If he could have seen himself when he was 15, doing that, he’d have been horrified.”

Brown, who released new album ‘My Way’ on September 28, went on to say that, on the whole, he steered clear of Class A drugs, although the public don’t always believe him.

“Because of my cheekbones people think I’m a crackhead,” he said. “Somewhere down the line, through all the Madchester thing, it became, ‘He’s a crackhead’. I’ve never even tried crack, I’ve never taken heroin. I didn’t start smoking weed until I was 22.”

Ian brown recently played a show at London’s Relentless Garage venue, during which he covered The Beatles‘All You Need Is Love’.

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