Ian Brown lashes out at the BNP at O2 Academy Brixton show

Singer celebrates his tenth gig at the London venue with a few surprises

Ian Brown took a swipe at the BNP last night (December 5) at London‘s O2 Academy Brixton as he returned to the venue for the tenth time during his solo career.

The former Stone Roses singer hit out at the party as he introduced early single ‘Corpses’.

He said to the crowd: “This next tune I wrote about 12 years ago. One thing that gets my goat is a racist girl, that’s the worst thing in the world. What do you think of the BNP and that? I ain’t got time for that shit. This is for all the racist ladies, not that there’s any in here tonight. They have corpses in their mouths.”


Earlier he kicked off the show with ‘Love Like A Fountain’, arriving onstage dressed in a black pair of shades and tracksuit top.

“Today is a special day for me,” he declared. “Today is my tenth show here. Let’s make it the best yeah, all them little dance moves all them little shakes you’ve been doing at home, now is the time to put them into practice.”

The singer, who was backed by his five-piece band, showcased seven new tracks from his sixth solo album ‘My Way’, including recent singles ‘Stellify’ and ‘Just Like You’.

Click below to view footage of ‘Stellify’.

Brown became frustrated by a series of technical problems at one point during the new material forcing the singer to restart ‘Own Brain’ twice followed by ‘Marathon Man’, which he stopped halfway through before apologising to the crowd and restarting again.

But the singer got back on track as he reeled off crowd favourite ‘F.E.A.R’ and ‘Sister Rose’ which saw him flanked by two dancers and joined by Japanese star Naoto from the band Orange Range on guitar.


Introducing the latter, Brown said: “We’ve got a special guest here tonight, all the way from Tokyo he’s the biggest music star in Japan, Naoto.”

As his band left the stage briefly, the singer sang a few bars of the Stone Roses tune ‘Elizabeth My Dear’ before he asked the crowd: “Who likes a bop on Saturday night? Well here’s a good bopping song, so let’s bop.”

Brown then performed ‘Fools Gold’ to huge cheers before pulling on close friend and co-writer Dave McCracken in on keys for the last two songs.

Naoto and Brown‘s two dancers rejoined him onstage for set closer ‘Just Like You’ before the singer thanked the crowd and declared: “We’ll see you all again for show number 11.”

Ian Brown played:

‘Love Like A Fountain’
‘Golden Gaze’
‘Time Is My Everything’
‘All Ablaze’
‘Longsight M13’
‘Keep What Ya Got’
‘Save Us’
‘Crowning Of The Poor’
‘Laugh Now’
‘Vanity Kills’
‘Own Brain’
‘Marathon Man’
‘Sister Rose’
‘Elizabeth My Dear’/’Fools Gold’
‘Just Like You’


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