The star gears up for a stateside assault...

Ian Brown is set to release his first album in the US in four years next February.

Koch Records, home to Cardigans, Lamb and ‘American Idol’ reject William Hung, signed the former Stone Roses frontman up after he got out of his contract with Interscope/Universal.

Speaking backstage at this weekend’s KROQ Inland Invasion 4 in Los Angeles, where Ian Brown made his first stateside concert performance since 2000, he enthused about getting his catalogue back. “Universal [gave] me all me records back. I [had] a thing in me contract when I signed it, if they [didn’t] release it. So it’s too late for them now, so I got me records back and I’m going through Koch,” he said.

To date, only Ian Brown’s 1999 album ’Golden Greats’ has had a US release (in 2000). The vocalist says his new stateside imprint will reissue that effort as well as 1998’s ’Unfinished Monkey Business’ and 2001’s ’Music of the Spheres’, following ’Solarized’’s February 22 release.

Calling Saturday’s performance his “favourite ending to a show” he’s ever done, Ian Brown says he is hoping some more US dates can be scheduled. “I’d love to [do more dates]. Nothing’s in the works,” he said. “Hopefully what will happen is I’ll put the records out and they’ll be enough of [an] impact so I can get some shows going. I’d love to bring me band, me bag of songs that I’ve got over the years and me players [will] come and do their thing. I’d love to do that.”