Ian Brown picks up his Godlike Genius Award

Ex-Stone Roses man honoured at ShockWaves NME Awards 2006

Ian Brown has picked up his Godlike Genius award at the ShockWaves NME Awards 2006.

The frontman of the Stone Roses and now a solo artist in his own right, the singer follows last year’s recipients New Order and joins a list of legends that includes The Clash, U2, John Peel and Shaun Ryder – who was in the audience cheering him on.

At Brown’s request, his award was presented by former Manchester United football star Teddy Sheringham.

He then performed a set which included ‘FEAR’, ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, ‘Time Is My Everything’, and a Bob Marley medley (‘Redemption Song’/’Three Little Birds’).

Brown was selected for the honour for what the judging panel saw as his continual impact and influence throughout his long career.

The singer recently told NME.COM that he saw his 2001 solo single ‘FEAR’, performed tonight, ranked as one of his moments of true genius.

He said: “As well as my Roses work. I think ‘FEAR’ is the most outstanding piece of work probably due to the lyrics, the way the lyrics run and feel of it.”

He continued: “I see (this award) as a sign for people if you believe in yourself and keep going no one can put you down. It’s a mega honour. Did you know the word genius comes from the Arabic word jinn which means spirit, so I’ll take that. It’s an mega honour that.”

Reflecting on his career, Brown said that he was particularly pleased to be honoured for his solo work as he was for his contribution to The Stone Roses.

“To do it again is a dream,” he declared. “I always had a feeling with the Roses that we’d have some success, but afterwards I had no idea I just wanted to keep making music. I’m getting bigger than ever, I should be forgotten about by now lying on some beach in Marbella with a 19 stone bird, but I’m not I’m better than ever. I’m starting work on my fifth LP now, I’m straight into writing now.”

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