The star prepares to work with director Alfonson Cuaron again...

‘HARRY POTTER’ director ALFONSO CUARON has offered to direct one of Ian Brown’s videos, NME.COM can reveal.

Ian Brown famously made a cameo in the most recent Harry Potter film ’Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, and is friends with Cuarón via his Mexican wife.

Speaking recently to NME.COM, Ian Brown said that the director, who also worked on the 2001 film ‘Y Tu Mamá También’, has offered his services and that the ex-Stone Roses man would love him to be involved.

Before that though Ian Brown releases a new single ‘Keep What Ya Got’ on September 20 and his fourth solo album ‘Solarized’ on September 13.

The star will also play a six-night, three-city tour in October. The dates are at:Glasgow Academy (October 14-15)

Manchester Apollo (18-19)

London Brixton Academy (21-22)

The tour will be the first since Ian Brown’s now legendary set at the Claremont Landscape Garden, where he performed a full set of Stone Roses songs for the first time since the band’s split in 1996.

Speaking recently to NME, he explained why. He said: “The reason I did it was because kids were coming up to me pissed off that John Squire was out playing them on his tour and they were saying ‘He’s butchering them’. So I thought, ‘He’s not doing it for the people, he’s just doing it for himself’. I did it for the people. I thought it’d be a buzz for them. Out of respect I’ve never played the Roses tunes, out of respect to John, Mani and Reni. I’ve wanted to do my music, standing on my own two feet. I’ve deliberately not done any Roses tunes. I feel like I’ve established myself as a music maker in my own right. If he (Squire) hadn’t played those tunes I don’t know if I would’ve done. He’s got no respect because we had to beg (Squire) to play ‘Fools Gold’. I think we only ever played it about three times. So I thought, in that case, I’ll bring it back for the people.”

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