Ian Brown scholarship offered by audio engineering school

Brown says he's honoured to have the bursary named after him

Ian Brown has had a scholarship set up in his name by the School Of Sound Recording.

The SSR, which is based in Manchester but is opening a London school, is offering prospective students a bursary of £10,000 called the Ian Brown Scholarship. It will pay the fees for SSR‘s flagship Audio Engineering Techniques And Technology course at the schools Camden campus, starting March or September 2011.

Bands including The Stone Roses and The Smiths have previously used SSR‘s facilities to rehearse in.

Brown said: “It is an honour for me to be supporting SSR London and the next generation of talented producers and engineers being taught there. I have a long history with SSR from the early days recording with The Stone Roses and I hope the scholarship inspires the next generation of talented producers and artists.”

See SSRlondon.co.uk for more information.