King Monkey tells NME.COM why he’s gone back to his roots after almost ten years…

Ian Brown has given an exclusive interview with NME explaining why he started playing STONE ROSES songs again.

Having previously refused to sing anything from the legendary Manchester band’s back catalogue since they split in 1996, the star recently hired a Roses tribute act and knocked out a set of hits from their classic 1989 debut album.

Fans at the Claremont Landscape Garden gig were left wondering if the long rumoured reunion and greatest hits tour was finally coming.

Speaking in this week’s NME, which is out nationwide tomorrow (August 11), [a][/a] said the decision was made after ex-guitarist John Squire started playing the songs on his own solo tours.

He said: “The reason I did it was because kids were coming up to me pissed off that John Squire was out playing them on his tour and they were saying ‘He’s butchering them’. So I thought, ‘He’s not doing it for the people, he’s just doing it for himself’. I did it for the people. I thought it’d be a buzz for them. Out of respect I’ve never played the Roses tunes, out of respect to John, Mani and Reni. I’ve wanted to do my music, standing on my own two feet. I’ve deliberately not done any Roses tunes. I feel like I’ve established myself as a music maker in my own right. If he (Squire) hadn’t played those tunes I don’t know if I would’ve done. He’s got no respect because we had to beg (Squire) to play ‘Fools Gold’. I think we only ever played it about three times. So I thought, in that case, I’ll bring it back for the people.”

Brown said that there’s less chance than ever of the band reforming.

He said: “I think that everything’s of its time. I get as many kids coming up asking me not to reform the Roses as reform. They say, ‘Please don’t spoil it for us’. They don’t want to see grey haired pot bellied geezers. It was all about the spirit of the thing. We’d finish a rehearsal and go straight to each other’s houses and hang out until midnight, then meet at 10am the next day. If that’s not there, I don’t see how we could do it. Because it wouldn’t be real.”

For the full interview, where Brown talks about hanging out with Noel Gallagher, his forthcoming album ’Solarized’ and more on the Roses, see this week’s issue.

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