Ian Brown receives backlash online for apparent anti-vaxxer views

"Love your music Ian but I am seriously hoping you’ve been hacked"

Ian Brown has received some backlash online for sharing what appears to be anti-vaxxer views in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Posting to Twitter this afternoon (September 5), the former Stone Roses frontman wrote: “NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX.” He hashtagged his tweet: #researchanddestroy”


The Mancunian musician is yet to expand on the tweet, but former bandmate John Squire has flipped Brown’s message, turning it into a pro-mask, pro-safety statement.

The guitarist wrote: “Wear a mask. stay safe. Look after yourself and others #morecambeandwise.”

A number of musicians have responded to Brown’s post, including Reverend & The Makers, whose official Twitter account tweeted: “I love Ian Brown so much. Bit gutted he’s tweeted that tbh.”

DJ Dave Haslam replied to Brown’s tweet by sharing a link to a story about Toots And The Maytals frontman Toots Hibbert, who was recently hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit of a private facility in Kingston, Jamaica.

“Ok, but let’s wish the legend that is Toots all the best,” Haslam tweeted.


Fans of Brown’s music took to Twitter to share their thoughts on his tweet. “Love your music Ian but I am seriously hoping you’ve been hacked,” one person wrote.

Another wrote: “Yeah let’s all die from preventable diseases like it’s the year 1348.”

A third said: “His own band mates can’t even stand him, his opinion isn’t that surprising the more you’d think about it. John Squire & Reni were the stars of the band for me!”

It wasn’t all opposing viewpoints; some agreed with Brown’s statement. “The amount of sheeple in this thread is unreal, the bloke is speaking the truth. 99% of people didn’t wear a mask at its “peak” now everyone is on the bandwagon, you are all about government compliance, get a grip man,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Well said, Ian. Nothing but scaremongering from the media.”

Earlier this year, M.I.A. revealed that she is an anti-vaxxer.

The artist announced on Twitter in March that she would rather die than accept “the vaccine or chip,” presumably in reference to any vaccination discovered to fight the coronavirus.

“If I have to choose the vaccine or chip I’m gonna choose death,” the rapper wrote.

She added: “Don’t panic you are ok. You are not gonna die. You can make it without stressing the medical systems. Just breathe. You are going to be ok. You can make it through without jumping in the frying pan. You are fine. All the vaccines you’ve already had is enough to see you through.”

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