Is Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins preparing to release new music from prison?

Man mentioned by paedophile frontman's newly active Twitter account explains connection to disgraced star

The man behind a Soundcloud account mentioned by the newly active Twitter account of ex-Lostprophets frontman and convicted paedophile Ian Watkins has spoken in interview with NME, speculating that Watkins could be “planning to release something”.

Disgraced singer Watkins was jailed in December 2013 for 29 years plus six years on licence for a string of serious child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby. Watkins later lost an appeal to reduce his jail sentence after judges ruled that the “shocking depravity” of his crimes justified a lengthy custodial sentence.

Despite reports that Watkins had been moved to HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire, Watkins’ verified Twitter account became active again on Monday (November 21), posting its first tweets since December 2012. The three tweets linked to Soundcloud tracks, two previously-uploaded songs by Watkins’ L’Amour La Morgue side-project and a more recent upload by an account titled Megalelz. Watkins’ infamous catchphrase was ‘Mega lolz’.


Laim McKenzie, the man behind the Megalelz Soundcloud account, spoke to New Rising Media yesterday, describing himself as “genuinely confused” when he first saw the notification. McKenzie also revealed that he sent Watkins “letters a few years ago”, saying that the singer “knows who I am, so it’s possible he’s talking to people outside to release him stuff.”

Ian Watkins, LostprophetsGetty

Asked by NME what his conversations with Watkins involved, McKenzie explained: “Just general ‘chat’ I guess you could say. I was a really big fan of Lostprophets were they were at their prime, so finding out he had went to prison for all of that gross shit, it was kinda of a kick in the gut. Before he was arrested I’d been at their last Glasgow show, so it was a huge shock. It was between March 2014 and June 2014, but his last letter was dull so I just never replied, and haven’t sent anything since. It feels wrong to do so now.”

Pressed on what particular they spoke about, McKenzie added: “We only really spoke about music,and what life was link behind bars. I was kind of curious what it was like in prison (just with what I was studying in school), so it was really interesting. He complained about not being able to make music a lot, and, [that prison] smelled.”

Responding to suspicions that he could personally be behind any possible hack, McKenzie said: “I’m smart, but I’m not that smart. From what it seems like, someone’s gained access to the L’Amour La Morgue SoundCloud, possibly someone he’s talking to on the outside, and is planning to release something. It seems too good and set up for it to be a hack”.

Explaining his choice of username, McKenzie continued: “Back before all the ‘gross shit’ happened, I used this username, [I] had it since 2009, and started to build a brand around it, I guess you could say, and after everything that happened, it was too much work to try and re-brand etc… I totally understand why people go ‘eh…’ about it though, but after 4 years, I stopped caring.”

See the new tweets from the Watkins Twitter account below. Team Rock also reports that the official Lostprophets website was updated on Monday (November 21).