He also talks about NWA and his next film...

Veteran rapper ICE CUBE has teamed up with sought-after producers Dr Dre for a new track to form part of his upcoming greatest hits compilation.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from the set of his new movie, provisionally titled ‘Friday After Next’, Ice Cube described the track ‘In the Late Night Hour’ as &quothard-core”.

&quotWe went and got Snoop Dogg but we kind of went in and did an underground hard-core track,” he said. &quotI got with them and I let them produce the record

totally. I just told them, ‘What you want to hear from Ice Cube?’ and they put

it down.”

The 17-song anthology, released in the UK on December 3 and a day later in the US, also includes a new track that Cube cut with Rockwilder, ‘$100 Bill Y’All’ which he describes as a &quothiphop jam, with catchy hooks and stuff,” as well as a slew of Ice Cube favourites including ‘It Was A Good Day’, and ‘Check Yo Self’.

Ice Cube also said that though his once icy relationship with his former NWA bandmates has thawed, although a mooted new record is still on hold for the moment.

&quotWe could do a record, but we couldn’t do a great record without time to kind of marinate, feel each other, figure out which way we want to go. So for the best interests of the name and what we built with NWA, we owe it to that not to do anything, and just to wait. I wouldn’t say we were best friends, but we’re definitely on good terms. [MC] Ren comes out and shoots hoop at my house all the time. [/a], [a], we just got off this ‘Up In Smoke’ tour, we had a chance to kick it with each other for the first time in like 10 years. I think we mended a lot of wounds, on that tour. It was all love.”

Ice Cube’s next film role will be in ‘The Barbershop’.

&quotIt takes place in Chicago, a neighborhood barbershop, winter time, and my character inherits a barbershop from his father but I don’t really want to run it because my mind is somewhere else. In the course of the movie I find out really what the barbershop means to the neighborhood. It’s a place for men to talk. It’s like figuring out what the priorities are but it’s also funny,” he said.