The star follows up the success of 'Barbershop'...

ICE CUBE is planning to follow the success of his acting role in ‘BARBERSHOP’ by taking a part in a motorcycle film.

The rapper teamed up with EVE for ‘Barbershop’, which has been hugely successful in the US, topping the Box Office charts.

In the film, Cube plays the cash starved owner of a Barbershop in Chicago who sells the shop to pay off his debts, but then tries to get it back after realising what it means to the community at large.

Cube’s next role will be in ‘Torque’, a motorbike gang film. Speaking of the film role, he told MTV news: “It’s a lot of speed, big chase, you know, villains, good guys, bad guys — with a lot of action in between. I’m one of the bad guys.

“I play a guy named Trey, he’s the leader of a motorcycle gang called the Reapers, out of Inglewood. He kinda gets after the lead character when he thinks that he has something to do with his brother’s death. So I’m kinda after him half the movie.”

The movie is due for release in 2003.