Ice Cube ‘thought David Bowie was black’ when he first heard his music

NWA rapper worked on a remix of 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' in 1997

NWA rapper Ice Cube has spoken about working with the late David Bowie.

Ice Cube worked with Bowie on a remix of ‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’ in 1997. Following the music icon’s passing earlier this month (January 10), the rapper has now told Rolling Stone of their work together: “It was [a big deal]. He was such an innovator, and his songs were phenomenal.”

He also recalled how he mistook Bowie’s ethnicity when he first heard his music. “I remember when I first heard ‘Fame’ on the radio, I thought he was black,” Ice Cube added. “It was so funky!”


Ice Cube also touched upon the upcoming Guns N’ Roses reunion (NWA will perform the same night as them at Coachella festival later this year). “I’m interested to see how that goes,” he said. “Just to see them together again will be cool. I thought they were the cream of the crop back then – I always liked Slash’s style. And then, like a lot of good bands, they broke up too soon.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ice Cube billionaire-turned-Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, saying: “I think he’s a rich white man. He can’t possibly know the pain of poor people.” He added: “You can elect, but you can never select. That’s the dilemma. It’s the difference between bad and worse.”

Ice Cube recently responded to the revelation that British Chancellor George Osborne is a NWA fan and once attended one of the hip-hop group’s gigs.

Ice Cube was informed of his political fan in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, with the rapper responding: “Yeah, he’s my homie. That’s what I’m saying, you know. We can influence the world. He went to a NWA concert and look what he turned out to be.”