The Original Gangster still commands respect...

ICE-T is set to head back into the studio withDR. DRE, SNOOP DOGG and EMINEM amongst those slated to collaborate on what will be his eighth studio album.

The album, tentatively titled ‘The Eighth Wonder: The Ice Age’, will also feature some tracks with big name New York rappers such as Prodigy, Guru and Mobb Deep.

However, Ice-T told the LA Daily News, that the follow up to 1999’s ‘7th Deadly Sin’ would not see him taking it easy, despite the high-profile collaborators.

“I gotta have myself up to par ’cause when you put a lot of people on your record, you don’t want people to say that they’re carrying your record,” he explained.

Ice T is currently starring in New York -based television crime series ‘Law & Order: SVU’.