iDKHOW drop music video for latest single ‘Leave Me Alone’

Taken from forthcoming debut album 'Razzmatazz'

iDKHOW, the new project from former Panic! At The Disco member Dallon Weekes, have dropped an official music video for their latest single, ‘Leave Me Alone’, taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Razzmatazz’.

‘Leave Me Alone’ is the first offering from ‘Razzmatazz’, set for release in October and the next chapter in the iDKHOW storyline, a complex world of Weekes’ creation.

The music video for ‘Leave Me Alone’ dropped today (September 3), with a “Kubrickian 70s sci-fi” theme and was shot in LA, directed by Raul Gonzo. Watch it below.


“Making a video in the middle of a pandemic was a challenge,” said Weekes in a press release. “We decided to incorporate a lot of things from the state of the world as it is now. Social distancing, sterile isolation, etc. it all seemed to fit with the song’s themes of wanting to quarantine yourself from toxic people and situations.”

Weekes explained the inspiration behind the song when it dropped on August 6, when he said, “When you’re in a toxic situation, the phrase ‘Leave Me Alone’ is the last civil thing you say before things get uncivil.”

iDKHOW, an abbreviation for I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, are a duo, comprised of Weekes and ex-Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman.

“iDKHOW was initially believed to have been a band from 30 plus years ago that never got their big break,” said a statement in the band’s press release. “But in 2017, an anonymous source began to release recovered video footage of iDKHOW.

“The videos that span the years 1964 to 1983 have been released out of sequence and display a mysterious genesis that has yet to be understood.”


Four years ago, Weekes introduced iDKHOW in a Los Angeles club, only to deny the project’s existence in the following months.

P!ATD and Weekes fans rejoiced when iDKHOW’s 2018 debut EP ‘1981 Extended Play’ was released, which has since reached audiences of more than 64 million across various platforms.

‘Razzmatazz’ out October 16 via Fearless Records. Pre-order here.

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