Idles’ new vinyl record contains the ashes of the frontman’s mother

Band to release 100 commemorative records costing £100 each

Bristol band Idles have pressed their latest album onto vinyl containing the ashes of the frontman’s mother.

The band’s debut LP ‘Brutalism’ was released in March and featured a photograph of singer Joe Talbot’s late mother on the cover.

“The whole process of the album was based around my losing my mum,” Talbot explains. “She was that album. That’s why she was on the cover.”


Now the group have teamed up with AndVinyly – a company that specialises in pressing ashes onto vinyl – for a short run of 100 commemorative records, available to purchase from the band’s online store from October 30. Each record will cost £100.

“If you’re going to do something interesting, make it special. It’s a beautiful thing,” Talbot says in a documentary about the news.

“People are a bit freaked out that this was a person,” Talbot admits. “People are terrified of that physical link with death. It’s not ignoring how important it is to appreciate life after death.”

In a Facebook post, the band write: “Our music has saved us in many ways. My old dear didn’t have the luxury of finding something that could save her; I’ve had her ashes pressed into 100 vinyl to symbolise just how important she was to this album, to this band and of course to me and my drive to exist in the most loving and honest me.”

“We strive to make music that invigorates people to express themselves freely without prejudice or mockery. Now you can see that we’ve put everything into our art so that maybe you can too. Don’t go gentle. All is love.”


⁠⁠⁠Our music has saved us in many ways. My old dear didn't have the luxury of finding something that could save her; I…

Posted by IDLES on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Meanwhile, the band recently spoke to NME about the recent UK election.

Talbot said: “That vote was magic. That young people turning it around and making me excited again. Genuinely excited. Not just Corbyn and that iconography but about masses of young people thinking pragmatically about their future. There’s only so long these fucking Brexiteers are going to last. They’re all gonna die out and we’re gonna live with the consequences.”