IDLES return with furious new track ‘Mercedes Marxist’

"Forgive my crippled head"

IDLES have returned with ‘Mercedes Marxist’, their first new track of 2019. Check it out below.

The new offering from the Bristol punks marks their first original release since 2018’s ‘Joy As An Act of Resistance‘ – their second album which received widespread acclaim upon release.

And while they’ve already confirmed that album three is very much on the way, it seems that ‘Mercedes Marxist’ is giving us our first idea of what to expect.


“Forgive my crippled head,” singer Joe Talbot sings in the song’s furious opening bars. “They’ve gambled all our pride…they want money instead.”

“‘Mercedes Marxist’ was a strange beast for us, after Rottweiler, it was the first song we wrote for ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’,” frontman Joe Talbot. “I was pissed off at what I was and where I was: I was sofa surfing on the weekends and spending the weeks looking after my mum.

“My life balance was way off and this song reflects just how useless I felt. It was me at my worst and without any buoyancy it became catharsis. It was the last splurge from Brutalism so we admitted it. I like it now.”

The song will be released physically on August 2 as a 7″, which will include another new song on its B-side, ‘I Dream Guillotine’.



Although it’s unclear if the new effort will feature on their latest record, fans have noted that the title previously featured in a charity auction of artworks largely named after IDLES tracks.

Other titles from that auction with unattached songs included ‘AAlcohol’ – which was given to an artwork created by Talbot himself.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, Talbot also stressed the need to further evolve their sound on the next record.

“The only departure is development. You’re always evolving. It’s the next step along from ‘Joy…’ and ‘Brutalism’. This is the third,” he explained.

“You can see the progression and regression in some ways. It’s us, but a year older. We got bored of certain things and excited by others. We want to write more techno, we want to write more noise, we want to write more pop, and we want to write more country. We’ll just write it until it sounds like something we love, then we’ll put the words on top.”