Idlewild get confused by OutKast

And calls Big Boi ‘stupid’

The band Idlewild have admitted they are confused by the title of the new OutKast album and film.

The LP and movie, both titled ’Idlewild’, have flummoxed lead singer Roddy Woomble.

Posting on, the singer wrote: “Not sure what’s up with this new OutKast album. (I) keep seeing posters for it and thinking I’ve forgotten about a concert.

“Not that it’s likely Idlewild would play a show with Andre 3000 and Big Boi (what a stupid name). Maybe when our new LP comes out next February some unfamiliars will think we’re some sort of Outkast tribute. Could be interesting. Probably won’t be.”

The singer, who released his debut solo LP ‘My Secret Is My Silence’ earlier this year, goes on to write that the band are in the process of completing the follow up to 2005’s ’Warnings/ Promises’.

He said of the new material: “It’s also very good (again, if I say so myself). Lots of good riffing and soloing from Rod (Jones– guitar) and Allan (Stewart– guitar), some tasty swing and krautrock flourishes from Colin (Newton – drums) and Gareth (Fox– bass), and some interesting lyrics, quite misplaced, in a good way. I’m almost positive you’ll all enjoy it for a long time.”

The record will be released in early 2007.