Idlewild singer goes solo

But Roddy Woomble says his old band are still going

Idlewild singer Roddy Woomble has revealed details of his forthcoming solo album.

The frontman has been working on the record with producer John McCusker, and has been writing about his progress on his online diary at

“This solo album has in a lot of ways allowed me to write the kind of songs I never could with Idlewild,” wrote Woomble. “I’m very much a part of that band, it’s as much (Idlewild bandmates) Allan, Colin, Rod and Gavin‘s band as it is mine, so this whole experience has been full of nerves and excitement, and pride. It might sell two hundred copies, but the fact that it’s going to exist is enough for me.”

The singer added that the record would not be just him but is “really an album by a new group, nothing on it sounds like me with an acoustic guitar”.

The album is due to come out Yorkshire label Pure Records after Idlewild parted company with their label Parlophone last year, however the singer insisted they will continue.

“(We’ve) been talking to a bunch of different record labels, but we’re in no rush to commit to anything as yet,” Woomble wrote. “It’s been really enjoyable to write Idlewild songs and not to worry about what anyone thinks of them other than us. It’s a bit like starting a band all over again.”