Roddy Woomble tells NME.COM he feels positive about the arrival of two new band members...

Idlewild star RODDY WOOMBLE has spoken to NME.COM about the decision to recruit Irish bassist GAVIN FOX to replace BOB FAIRFOULL.

As previously revealed, the 23-year-old, who has been pals with Idlewild since his old band Turn supported the band in the UK, will join in 2003.

Singer Roddy Woomble told us that Fox was their first choice, and he expects the changes to improve the band.


He said: “When the situation happened at the start of this tour we decided straight away that we were going to continue the tour and keep the record alive. Bob was for a long time distanced from the band. And now the band feels stronger and everyone’s happier, Bob included.

“Gavin was the obvious choice because he’s a friend and musically he’s a great musician. He’s the same kind of person. So we asked him. As of next year we’re going to be a different band really. A different version of Idlewild.”

Along with Gavin, Allan Stewart, who has played guitar live with Idlewild for the last two years and contributed to ‘The Remote Part’ album, will become a full time member.

“Becoming a five-piece changes the way it looks, but sound-wise I find it much more exciting because it’s involving a lot of different people now. The core we had originally, we’re adding positive elements to it.”

Fox told NME.COM he hopes to give Idlewild a new lease of life when he joins in the New Year, and admitted shows in his native Ireland could nerve-wracking for him. “I’m sure there will be a few people who are diehard fans who might have a bit of resentment towards me, but that’s something I’ll have to get over.” He said. “The second show I do is in Dublin. That’s going to be a tough one!”

The announcement came in a week when Fairfoull, who walked out of Idlewild after an explosive row, told NME.COM of his “strained and weird” final days with the group.


He said: “Once it gets to the point you’re not getting on any more, it’s time to bow out. Things were getting strained and weird. It got to the point I would go off on my own after shows to the nearest pub and drink on my own. On the bus they would be sitting in one lounge and I would be sitting in the other. I was definitely cracking up a bit.”

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