Bob Fairfoull gets ready to rock with a special DJ set in Glasgow...

Former Idlewild bassist BOB FAIRFOULL is to make his first public appearance DJing at the BARFLY club in GLASGOW on Friday (November 15).

The Edinburgh-based bassist told NME.COM that it will be his first solo DJ set, and revealed that it is likely to reflect his passion for the heavier side of rock.

“There will probably be a bit of [/a], some pretty brutal metal noise-core, and then if people are leaving I’ll hit them with something pleasant like [a]Queens Of The Stone Age. It’ll be a nice eclectic mix of stuff.”

Asked what he’ll say if someone requests Idlewild, he conceded that he would play them. “It’s PRS (Performing Rights Society, who ensure musicians are paid when their music is played in public) for me! I wouldn’t have a problem doing it at all.”

Given the choice, he said he’d play something off their last album (‘The Remote Part’). “It was our best record. Something like ‘A Modern Way Of Letting Go’. But there’s nothing more annoying than musicians listening to themselves!”

Bob’s DJ set is part of the Gigantic club night, which features regular DJs Jim Gellatly of Beat 106 and Vic Galloway from Session In Scotland.