And Bob Fairfoull's departure will make no difference to the band's sound, he adds...

Idlewild‘s RODDY WOOMBLE has told NME.COM that ex-bassist BOB FAIRFOULL will never be in the band again.

Roddy also insisted that Bob’s departure would not affect the band’s next album, because “me and Rod [Jones, guitarist] write all the songs”.

As NME.COM revealed last week, the split in the Idlewild camp happened after an explosive row and rumoured punch-up between Roddy and Bob. Guitar tech Alex Grant is standing in on bass.

Asked if Bob would ever return, Roddy told NME.COM: “No, because he doesn’t really want to. Everyone just presumes that when people leave bands it’s always because there’s some kind of animosity. With Bob, it’s just a case of things in the band not making sense to him any more.”

Roddy denied that the pair actually came to blows. “There was an argument but nothing more than that,” he told NME.COM. “It was brewing for a while, for about a year and it was just a case of when it happened. In the end it happened in the middle of a tour which wasn’t ideal, but he’s still my friend and I worry about him more than anything. But hopefully he’ll find out what he wants to do now because he wasn’t sure about anything before.”

The Idlewild frontman added that they plan to recruit a permanent bass player at the end of the year.

He said: “We have a lot of friends that have been close to the band for a long time who we are already thinking about as replacements. Without diminishing Bob’s contribution to the band at all, myself and Rod write all the songs so I don’t think it will affect the sound of the records at all.”

Idlewild release a new single, ‘Live In A Hiding Place’, on Monday (October 21).