The band's label confirm to NME.COM that bassist Bob Fairfoull has definitely left the band...

Idlewild‘s record label have told NME.COM that bassist BOB FAIRFOULL is out of the band for good.

As previously reported, Idlewild are currently playing a select number of European dates in preparation for their arena tour later this month with labelmates Coldplay. The shows are important for the group, whose new album ‘The Remote Part’ is their most successful to date, spawning the hit singles ‘American English and ‘You Held The World In Your Arms’.

At the show at the Cologne Underground club (September 30), Fairfoull didn’t perform, replaced by the bass technician Alex Grant. Internet rumours suggest the night before in Amsterdam a fight took place between bandmembers.

The band’s label have issued a statement to NME.COM, that reads: “Unfortunately, due to personal problems, Bob Fairfoull will no longer continue to play bass in Idlewild.

“The band will continue with their current dates and commitments until the end of the year with their guitar technician Alex Grant playing bass. Alex has worked with the band for more than two years and previously played bass in other bands.

Idlewild are currently planning further dates in the UK, Australia and the US, and will announce a new band line-up in the near future”

Their new single, ‘Live In A Hiding Place’, is released on October 21.