Idlewild recording new album

Singer Roddy Woomble tweets update on the Scottish band's new record

Idlewild are recording a new album, it has been revealed.

The Scottish group released their last album ‘Post Electric Blues’ in 2009. Since then, frontman Roddy Woomble has released two solo albums, while guitarist Rod Jones has released material under his own name in addition to forming the band The Birthday Suit, who will put out their third LP ‘A Hollow Hole Of Riches’ in March.

However, with little fanfare, lead singer Roddy Woomble revealed on Twitter today (February 2) that the band were making a new record. He wrote:

Last year, some Idlewild fans launched a campaign urging others to ignore any of the band members’ side-projects in the hope that they would be forced to reunite. An infuriated Rod Jones criticised the campaign, saying: “It has recently come to my attention that an online campaign including some unkind and hurtful messages has been waged to try and boycott side projects in an attempt to bring Idlewild back.”

He added: “If anything this just has the opposite effect in that it made me really consider whether I wanted to make music anymore.”