If I Fail vocalist Colin Michael Mulhern killed in suspected drunk driving crash

Mulhern was travelling with the hardcore band SHORT FUSE 59 when the fatal accident occurred

If I Fail vocalist Colin Michael Mulhern has died after he was involved in a road crash which is suspected to have been caused by a drunk driver.

Mulhern was travelling with the hardcore band SHORT FUSE 59 on the Instate 5 in California at the time of the crash on Monday morning (August 27). He had been selling merch for the band on their recent tour.

According to The Denver Channel, the band’s vehicle was struck by a Ford Escape which rammed into the back of the van, causing it to roll over onto its roof. Mulhern and SHORT FUSE 59’s Patrick Carney were both ejected from the vehicle, according to California State Patrol. Mulhern, 30, died at the scene, while Carney is still recovering in hospital after being put into an induced coma.

The driver of the Ford Escape has been arrested and charged with a DUI, according to The California Highway Patrol.

If I Fail confirmed Mulhern’s passing on their Facebook page on Tuesday (August 28), writing that they were “absolutely devastated”.

We would like to thank everyone that has reached out to us during this difficult time. We are absolutely devastated of the loss of our brother and vocalist Colin Michael. The whole situation has left us speechless. He will be greatly missed by a countless amount of lives that he has touched.”

A GoFundMe page for Carney has been set up to help fund his hospital bills.

If I Fail confirmed that they will still go ahead with releasing their new EP, ‘The Author of All Your Pain’, tomorrow (August 31) in tribute to Mulhern.