Watch as a man thanks Iggy Azalea for “ruining hip-hop”

The man behind the camera approached Azalea at an airport

A man has filmed himself approaching Iggy Azalea in an airport to thank her for “ruining hip-hop.”

The man is seen to go up to the rapper, asking her to confirm that she is indeed Iggy Azalea. Azalea replies that she is and that it’s weird he’s filming her, before the man says: “I’d just like to thank you for ruining hip-hop.”

Azalea does not rise to the comment, instead she walks off in silence as the man laughs. Macklemore called her out in his song ‘White Privilege II’, while Azealia Banks has had a number of high-profile disputes with the Australian artist.


Back in March, the singer was asked about Macklemore citing her as an example of white appropriation of black culture in his song.

Azalea denied that she had spoken to the rapper about the incident, saying: “No, but I read his interview and he’s like, ‘I should’ve called’. You should have and you still haven’t. So what’s up with that?”

She added: “I don’t think it was intended as a diss, but at least I would’ve been prepared when the headlines came out and been like, alright I know what it is.”