Iggy Azalea talks dates, singles and pop influences with fans on Twitter

The Aussie rapper answered fans' questions about new material in a Twitter sesh

Iggy Azalea has revealed, amongst other things, that the lead single from her forthcoming new album, ‘Digital Distortion’, will be called ‘Team’.

The Australian rapper spent Boxing Day replying to fans’ question via her Twitter account.

She told one fan that the “lead is TEAM” in reference to the first single from the follow-up to her debut record. Also explaining that it means “I’ve got my own back, I am my own team. 20% meaningful, 70% bop, 10% ratchet”.


Azalea told another fan that the new single won’t be emerging in January, but there will be “content, buzz songs, viral videos and other cool stuff in Jan”.

In response to another fan referring to her as pop, Azalea said that she refers to herself as pop all the time, “even on this new album”.

Read the tweets in full below:







Azalea was on Twitter again earlier this month to respond to Erykah Badu‘s apology by offering her kids free tickets to her shows.

Badu appeared to insult the rapper while hosting the Soul Train Awards last month (November 29). During her opening monologue, Badu pretended to answer her phone and said: “Who is this? Oh Iggy Azalea, hey! No, no, no, no, you can come ‘cos what you do definitely is not rap.”

Azalea later took to Twitter to brush off the comments. She wrote: “We are days from 2016, but I came online today and saw it’s still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL, fucking hell.”

Badu delivered a tongue-in-cheek apology via video to Azalea “for my daughter” because the Australian rapper is “one of their favourite artists”.

Azalea accepted the apology by writing: “Hey Erykah. Tell the kids I’m a big fan of mom, even if we don’t agree where to file my music in their iTunes folders. I’m gonna announce a new tour soon. If they do great in class, there is officially an open invitation extended to them and friends with good report cards to come and enjoy a show anytime. I am 100 percent a woman of my word, and I appreciate the apology.”