Iggy Azalea denies heroin use accusations

The Australian rapper says photos that appear to show 'track marks' are actually just cat scratches

Iggy Azalea has denied accusations of heroin use.

The rapper took to twitter to respond to a series of photographs posted online that appear to show ‘track marks’ on her hands, a suggested sign of needle use.

Azalea was reportedly shown the photographs by her fiance Nick Young, just after the couple landed in Australia.

NMEJess Baumung/NME

Writing on twitter, Azalea responded: “Just landed in australia and iam dying with laughter because nicks just showed me an article that says im a heroin addict. WHAT?! LOL.”

She went on to explain the hand marks as “scratches from @AleHerself’s evil cat that attacked me the other week.”

Read the tweets below.

Azalea recently revealed that she has finished work on six songs that will feature on her next album. The Australian rapper had previously stated that a whole album worth of material had been scrapped as she works on the follow up to 2014 debut ‘The New Classic’. The debut album helped establish Azalea as an artist and featured the single ‘Fancy’, featuring Charli XCX.

Meanwhile, Janelle Monae and the first signing to her Wonderland Records imprint, Jidenna, have responded to claims made by Iggy Azalea that Jidenna’s song ‘Classic Man’ samples her hit ‘Fancy’.

Azalea had previously addressed claims of similarity between the two tracks on Twitter, stating that she receives royalties from ‘Classic Man’ and that it “sampled” her song.

However, speaking to Hot 97, Jidenna has claimed that the writing credit was only a cautionary move following the recent Robin Thicke / Marvin Gaye lawsuit.

“Ever since the decision of Robin Thicke and Pharrell, we believe that it was important to make sure that we are safe,” Jidenna said.