Iggy Azalea reveals details of ‘Pretty Girls’ video with Britney Spears

Azalea says Spears was keen to 'dress up and play a character'

Iggy Azalea has revealed further details of her forthcoming single ‘Pretty Girls’ with Britney Spears.

In an interview with USA Today, Azalea has spoken about working with Britney Spears on the music video which she has co-directed, revealing that Spears was keen to “dress up and play a character.”

“I didn’t dance! She wanted me to. Since I was co-directing the video, the way I explained it was, it would be kind of obnoxious for me to direct a video and give myself a dance break as well,” Azalea said.

“I don’t know if it necessarily fits my identity, but I think Britney’s identity is really embedded in being a dancer, and that’s something she really wanted to do as well. So there’s a lot of dancing in the video, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily centered around that.”

“You know me, I like having a narrative,” said Azalea of the video’s storyline.

“So if it was just like, ”80s!’ that would be kind of boring for me. But what Britney made clear to me is that she really wanted to do a video where she got to dress up and play a character. That was really important to her and she liked a lot of the things I’ve done that were inspired by movies and stuff.”

Iggy Azalea went on to explain that she had taken inspiration from 80s model and actress Geena Davis.

“She’s just like the ultimate ’80s pin-up hot, cool type of girl, so I told Britney to check her out, and she was like, ‘Yes, I love Geena Davis!’ So we based our characters on a lot of stuff like that, like Geena Davis and characters she played in a lot of her movies at that time period. But there’s definitely a narrative. I don’t want to give it away, but it’s quirky and funny.”

Britney Spears recently teased fans awaiting the new track with a series of tweets including song lyrics.

She also posted a photo of dancers in a studio with the caption, “Aren’t these girls pretty?”

‘Pretty Girls’ is due to be released on May 5 in the US, a UK release date is yet to be set.The song was written by Little Mix and has been produced by The Invisible Men, who helmed the Azalea hit ‘Fancy’.