Iggy Azalea says her tour has been delayed because she is ‘a psychopath’

'I don't want to have an average tour with a normal stage,' said the rapper

Iggy Azalea has spoken out about postponing her upcoming tour, saying she had done it because she’s “a psychopath”.

It was recently revealed that her North American Great Escape Tour had been pushed to September, with a representative from her label Def Jam saying Azalea wanted to work on the show more before touring it.

“It is bumped back because I am a psychopath,” Azalea has now told AMP Radio.

She went to explain that the issues came down to building a new stage for the show. Azalea said: “It is my first arena tour, so it’s a big undertaking and I’m doing a lot of the creative direction, which I do for everything. It’s tough when it’s your first time working on an arena situation. When you’re building a stage and things like that it takes about six months in advance. My tour would have been April but we have not started building. So to get this stage built in time I would be making a lot of sacrifices and cuts and changes.

She added: “Obviously I chose to move it. I don’t want to have an average tour with a normal stage. I want people to come and really feel they got their money worth.”

Azalea recently quit Instagram with her management announcing that the rapper had extended her break from social media. News of Azalea’s departure from the social network was announced on March 6. A representative for the rapper, who has 6.6M Instagram followers, posted the following message:

“Until further notice Iggy’s Instagram will be run by management. Iggy is taking a break from social media. She loves all her Azaleans!!”

Azalea previously explained that she decided to leave Twitter as it was making her so angry it was affecting the recording of her new album . The rapper announced her decision to take time out from social media earlier last month following a number of incidents involving individuals attacking her online.

Earlier this year, Azalea responded to the criticism she has received for her role in hip-hop, claiming that it was “100,000 per cent to do with the fact I have a vagina”.

In December of last year, Azealia Banks accused the Australian of picking and choosing from black culture but ignoring larger issues, such as protests sparked by the deaths of African-Americans Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police.