Iggy Azalea says she quit Twitter as it made her ‘want to punch everyone in the face’

Rapper announced decision to take break from social media earlier this year

Iggy Azalea has said that she decided to leave Twitter as it was making her so angry it was affecting the recording of her new album.

Azalea announced her decision to take time out from social media earlier this month (February) following a number of incidents involving individuals attacking her online.

In a new interview with Power 106, which can be viewed below, Azalea explains her decision in full. She explains that getting upset at the comments she read about herself and then feeling the need to defend herself became exhausting.

“You feel like it’s a personal attack on your character and it’s human nature to want to defend yourself,” she said. “So then you get to defending yourself, which will be misconstrued or read. Then it’s on a blog and you’re mad at that blog. It’s just a cycle that I think…you have to get out of the cycle.”

The change in her behaviour also began to make its way into the music she is making for the follow up to 2014 album ‘The New Classic’. “I’m in the middle of recording a second album, and I really don’t want some angry, aggressive album. Every time I come in the studio I’m like, I just wanna punch everyone in the face. And those are the only songs I’m able to write.”

Earlier this year, Azalea responded to the criticism she has received for her role in hip-hop, claiming that it was “100,000 per cent to do with the fact I have a vagina”.

In December of last year, Azealia Banks accused the Australian of picking and choosing from black culture but ignoring larger issues, such as protests sparked by the deaths of African-Americans Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police.